All Agents Have Different
Personalities & Philosophies . . .

As with other professionals, when you select a real estate
agent, demand high standards. Make sure that trust and integrity
are not just a spoken claim but granted by deserved reputation in
the community that the agent serves. Determine if the agent has established a strong record of consistently fulfilling promises and providing customer satisfaction.

Consider the agentís educational training. Is it appropriate?
Does it enhance the skills? Request a summary of the agentís experience and review the track record.

Sample Questions:

1. Do you have references?
2. Do you have any professional designations?
3. What recognition levels have you achieved?

Agents all have different personalities and philosophies.
Try to select one with a philosophy and personality that you
find agreeable and who you can communicate with easily.

Selecting Your Agent

You should have confidence that the person you select will be a
trusted advisor. It is imperative that you work with an agent who you feel has your best interests in mind.

Excellent communication skills are a must. Select an agent that
you feel will have the ability to work cooperatively with sellers
and other agents during the entire process of purchasing
your property.

A good agent can be the foundation of your real estate team.
An agent can help you find a home that meets your needs, negotiate for that home on your behalf, supervise property inspections, and coordinate the closing. Agents often have useful leads for mortgage loans. A good agentís negotiating skills and knowledge of property values can save you thousands of dollars.