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Altos Del Maria Mountain Community
Live in a mountain paradise close to beaches, golf and Panama City!
Altos de Maria is an exclusive gated mountain residential community conveniently located at just 1 hour and 20 minutes (113 km - 70 miles) from Panama City and only 25 minutes away (25 km - 15.5 miles) from the Pacific coast beaches with their world-class
golfing and shopping.
Altos del Maria is the third mountain development of the real
estate division of Grupo Melo, Altos de Vistamares, S.A., which has specialized in mountain community real estate for over 25 years.
  Our development is placed in 7000+ acre property so
beautiful that many areas have the look and feel of a national park. Attractions include panoramic mountain, valley, green
belt and Pacific Ocean views, a near perfect spring climate
year round (75º F - 24 Cº), a first-class infrastructure including miles of paved roads, vast common areas, waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails, observation decks, parks, lookout points, flowers and trees everywhere.
Altos de Maria has a range of prices to meet every need. Spacious residential lots and houses are available in subdivisions with varied altitudes, views and climates.

Traditionally we've primarily sold residential lots; however, to satisfy the needs of those who don't want to go through the building process, we offer homes built by our company. We have a variety of models, which we build on predetermined lots.
Tour To Altos del Maria
Our team is ready to offer you a private tour from Panama City to the development or attend
you on-site. Visiting the development is by appointment only. Give us a call at 1-866-702-5867
or fill out the contact form. Our international sales team is ready to serve you; we are able to assist you in either English or Spanish. Contact us Now!
Altos del María Mountain Residence Models
Altos del Maria has traditionally specialized in selling lots; however over the past few years, due to demand, the company has facilitated the opportunity to invest in turn key homes on predetermined lots. The company provides a variety of models, allowing second home buyers and permanent residents a range of options. The ideal is to take the building stress away from the owner. The buyer deals directly with our company, the guarantee is backed directly by us and we assure the highest quality of materials and construction. These are the models that we currently have available:

 Model: Monte Azul (Chalet)

Total Area: 174.95 mts2 / 1882.18 ft²
Location: Granada
Bedrooms: 2   Bathrooms: 2


 Model: Mont Blanc (Chalet)
Total Area: 141.63 mts2 / 1524.49 ft²
Location: Granada
Bedrooms: 2   Bathrooms: 2

The homes come with clear titles, access to water, electricity, internet and satellite TV. The homes don’t come with appliances or lighting fixtures. Our models are delivered with basic landscaping and concrete driveways.
Does each subdivision have its own unique appeal?
Here we have a preview of the most recently offered subdivisions at Altos del Maria.
These areas offer excellent investment opportunities for residential lots or homes already
Exclusive Subdivisions in Altos del Maria - Learn More
  • New Facilities:
    We, at Altos del María, are always committed to continuously safeguard the well-being of our home
    and lot owners. We are also aware of the importance of providing common areas to promote leisure and sport activities among the neighbors. With these goals in mind, Altos del María has recently finished the construction of a Park in Santiago Apóstol, a tennis court in Valencia and a fulbito court located by
    the Río María Bridge.
    In addition, the new facilities that will host a First Aid Attention Center and a Recreational Center are almost ready. The Recreational Center will offer a cafeteria and a work out area where patrons will be able to have access to stationary Gym equipment, a weight training area equipped with assorted weights and dumbbells, a pool table, a ping-pong table, and so forth.

  • Developing new areas
    We continue developing new subdivisions. with an excellent quality of infrastructures.
    During the next month we will have available for sale lots in:
                        - BOSQUES DE GALICIA: with underground electrification.
                        - Navarra: located in the private road to El Valle de Antón.
                        - Santo Domingo: with panoramic views to the pacific ocean and cerro picacho.

  • Homes Ready to live in!
    For those customers who do not wish to go through the building process and are interested in immediate relocating, we offer several manufactured homes to choose from available in Piombino model Garda an in Granada. The models of homes that are ready for occupancy are: San Carlos, Monte Azul, and Mont Blanc.
    We invite you to visit our display model house located in Granada, lot No. 567, everyday from 9:00 am
    to 5:00 pm.


"Marie & Chip Munday, Aspen, Colorado, USA" Say(s):
We first met Honey and Larry by email when we were thinking about visiting Panama. They became our mentors and when we finally went to Panama, it seemed as if we had been friends for years! La Estancia del Encanto is warm and charming, just like her owners. You will feel comfortable, welcomed and “enchanted”.

"Dan & Pat Brizendine, Los Angeles, USA" Say(s):
When we decided to purchase property for future retirement in Panama, we wanted to live in an area with natural beauty and a peaceful environment, but be close enough to Panama City for convenience. After seeing the Altos del Maria website and contacting one of their helpful sales reps and emailing several existing residents, we purchased a lot "sight unseen".
Our sales rep emailed us photos of the lot and a couple of the residents went to take photos of it too. Based on everyone's photos we knew we had to have the lot. It wasn't until five months later after the purchase that we were able to come down to Panama to make our first visit to our lot. WOW! It was exactly how we had envisioned it and we are so very excited about building there in the near future. The community was gorgeous and everyone we met on our visit (our new neighbors) were all very friendly and helpful. We have told a couple of our friends who are also currently making inquiries in lot availability. We can't wait to make our move from Los Angeles to Altos, Valencia #232 in the next few years.

"Mikeal Eberhard, Miami, USA" Say(s):
I have enjoyed the Altos del Maria web site and have advised many people here in the USA to access it. It is beautifully put together and depicts "Altos" as just what it is - a paradise. We are certainly looking forward to our move to Panama and "Altos" in particular. #108 Laurel, Altos del Maria

"Robert Emerick, USA" Say(s):
For me, besides the great natural beauty, the most impressive aspect of Altos del María is how well Grupo Melo designed the development and the efforts that they made installing the infrastructure around the valley and the María River. For example, just swimming in the river makes you think you are swimming in Paradise! That is my Altos del María!

"Rodger Carroll" Say(s):
We came to Panama for a visit in February 2005, after visiting panama city, vulcan baru & el valley, we settled for a lot in altos. We relocated here in may 2005, moved into our new casa in Dec 2005. This is now our home, with no regrets.

"Larry & Honey Dodge, Helmville Montana, USA" Say(s):
There is no "perfect place" in Panama, but Altos del Maria is the "perfect place" for us. The rainy season is just starting, so the bougainvilleas are fading as the impatiens are coming back. Some unknown tree is in bloom, and the scent in the breeze is divine. Only the sound of birds and the ceiling fan break the silence. A butterfly just flew in the open window. Another day in Altos...

Where is Altos del Maria Located?

Altos del Maria is located in The Republic of Panama, Central America, in the province of Panama, district of Chame exactly in Sora township. Close to Panama City, yet away from the hectic, busy city life.
If you want to get there, it is only 1 hour and 20 minutes west of Panama City, along the Interamericana Highway. It is a 60 minute drive (94 km - 58.28 miles) to the town of Bejuco. Once in Bejuco, make a right turn at the Altos del Maria sign, and then you will drive for about a 20 minutes from Sora (19 km - 11.78 miles) to our unbelievably beautiful mountain paradise.
If you’re traveling from the Playa Blanca (Farallon) area, you travel east, towards Panama City, for about 35 minutes to the town of Bejuco (just 7-10 minutes after Coronado), make a left turn at the Altos del Maria sign and then you will go on for another 20-minute drive from Sora (19 km - 11.78 miles) to our beautiful development.
It is said that Altos del Maria is in the heart of Panama, because it is also 90 minutes (119 km - 73.78 miles) away from the central provinces of Panama (Divisa), and on the Caribbean side it is 3 hours away from Portobello, Colon.
Altos, as often called, is only 30 minutes away from the nearest beach located in a belt of beaches, a modern 24/7 supermarket that offers lots of imported goods, a private hospital and for the sports enthusiast, there are three golf courses and excellent fishing. Currenlty, the development has a private road used exclusively by owners of Altos del Maria, which allows for direct access to El Valle de Anton. The road is unpaved and is mainly used during the dry season. Management starts working in some sections of the road and it's going to be complete in the near future. Learn More

Where is The Republic of Panama Located?

Panama is the southernmost of the Central American countries bordered on the west by Costa Rica, on the east by Colombia, on the north by the Caribbean coastline and on the south by the Pacific coastline. The total land area is 75,517 sq km - 29,157 sq miles. The Panama Canal, which is about 80 km long, divides the country into eastern and western regions.
Panama is a fast-developing country with strong business ties in the shipping, international trade and financial industries. Tourism has sharply increased and more airlines have come on board with flights to and from Panama City. Panama’s flagship airline is Copa, which operates approximately on 116 daily scheduled flights to 40 destinations in 21 countries.
There are other international airlines with regular flights, such as American, Continental, KLM, Delta, Lloyds, TACA, Spirit, Avianca, Mexicana, Korean Air and more are scheduled to start providing service soon.

Development Overview

Altos de Maria is a gated mountain residential community located near Panama City and just minutes away from the Pacific coast beaches. Enjoy at our development the perfect year round spring like mountain climate (75º F - 24 Cº), the properties are located in altitudes from 450 - 1,100 meters (1,476 – 3,608 feet) above the sea level. Only owners, residents and their guests are allowed entrance. All of the properties within the development limits have miles of paved roads, access to water, electricity, internet, cellular phone networks and satellite TV. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy getting together with Altos del Maria owners and residents at Siena Park at a Cultural Evening host by the Administration´s Office. There is a garden center at Altos del Maria where we provide free cuttings of flower plants and fruit trees to our owners so they can embellish their properties.
There are hiking trails, lookout points, a river, creeks and waterfalls. The natural wonders that surround this community and the lush green forest of the area are caused by the rich volcanic soil. Some of the tropical trees found here are: Espave, Cedro Espino, Cope, Cedro Amargo, Cocobolo, and mountain pine trees, oaks; in addition to Guayacan, Maria, Laurel, Madrono and Lluvia de Oro. The blooming of the flowers of some of these species signals the arrival of the dry season (January-May).
Altos del Maria is the habitat of exotic birds, butterflies, deer, sloths, golden frogs (endemic to Panama) and small mammals. All of these natural wonders can be seen by visiting and/or walking one of our many hicking trails or observation decks and the famous bird observatory area.

Project Subdivisions

Altos del Maria has two major regions: the valley region with 6 subdivisions and the highlands region with 11 subdivisions. These areas have been developed keeping the natural slope of the terrain; some lots have creeks or are near a river and all have panoramic mountain, valley, green belt or Pacific Ocean views with a perfect spring climate all year round.
Altos del Maria has made large investments to create an exclusive, yet affordable, residential gated community in a heavenly setting. There are parks, nature trails, lookout points, bridges, river, creeks, waterfalls, flowers and trees everywhere. Altos del Maria will develop only part of the total area, leaving the huge green belt untouched, maintaining the beauty that characterizes our development.
We've primarily sold residential lots with sizes that range from 1,000 sq. meters to 8,000 sq. meters (0.25 acre to 2 acres). Owners who decided to purchase just the lots have built beautiful homes predominantly in the U.S. Southwestern style and Colonial Spanish style. You can choose from a variety of real estate options in the Valley and The Highlands areas.
To attend the needs of those who don't want to go through the custom building process, we offer homes built by our company. Those homes are only offered on predetermined lots, we provide a variety of models, allowing second home buyers and permanent residents an assortment of options. Model homes don’t come with appliances or lighting fixtures. Our models are delivered with basic landscaping and concrete driveways.

Enjoy Altos de Maria’s Prime Advantages

A Mountain Garden with Spectacular Mountain, Valley and Ocean Views: Altos has panoramic mountain and valley view’s everywhere. It seems that every home site has a view. From some points you can see the Pacific Ocean and some lots even have views of both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. Garden crews work daily to plant and maintain flowers in bloom and keep the lush vegetation; which give the whole place the feel of a mountain garden. The Best Location: From your fresh mountain home, you’re just 1.5 hours from all the conveniences and fun of cosmopolitan Panama City and just 20 minutes away from beautiful beaches, world-class golf and coastal shopping centers. Quality Infrastructure: Altos is a gated community where only residents and their guests are allowed. Set on 7000 acres of mountain and valley property, the Melo group has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure. Facilities include a community center with social areas and shops, a natural swimming pool next to a waterfall, a heliport, telephone, Satellite TV, high speed internet service and 32 miles of paved roads. There are also 11 miles of nature trails with suspension bridges, stairways, walkways and viewpoints. If you are a horseback-riding lover you can own horses and ride for miles without ever seeing a car.Spring-Like Climate Year Round: Temperatures at Altos vary little from a comfortable 75 degrees all year. In the higher areas, some homes have fireplaces to warm cooler evenings. The unchanging temperatures make for easy and predictable living, but if you are in the mood for a warmer climate, beautiful beaches are just a half an hour away.
Live Close to Nature: Altos is adjacent to an ancient volcano so flowers and trees bloom easily in the rich volcanic soil. From the onset of this project, concern for the ecology of the area was a priority for Grupo Melo. There are vast common green areas where no construction is allowed. These areas are cared for by gardening crews daily. Some of the animals to be seen are deer, monkeys, sloths, birds, butterflies and Panama's famous golden frog.
Recreational Activities: Beautiful rivers, streams and waterfalls offer year--round recreational opportunities such as swimming in the natural pools and rivers, hiking, bird watching and horseback riding. Many residents take up gardening as a hobby. For them, Altos has provided a community green house. Just half an hour from Altos you can enjoy beautiful beaches, both popular and fine restaurants, several world-class golf courses. The fun and cultural attractions of cosmopolitan Panama City are just 1.5 hours away.
Infrastructure: In Altos you will find all the comforts of home. Every residence has access to all the necessary services and infrastructure required for comfortable living.
These include:

-  Roads: There are 32 miles of asphalt roads which are maintained daily.
-  Water: Three potable water plants so every resident has pure water on demand.
-  Electricity: An independent electrical power grid serving every lot in the project. The system is the same used in
North America :120 V, 60 Hz, 1 F.
-  Communication: Cellular Phones, Internet and Satellite TV. There is high- quality wireless telephone service, speedy
Internet access from various companies and Satellite TV.
-  Security: Security gates are manned 24/7 and only owners and their approved guests may enter the premises.
Many homes are already built, so you will not be by yourself. Instead, you will have many fine neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where is located Altos del Maria?

Altos del Maria is located in the Republic of Panama in Central America,
in the province of Panama, west of Panama City.

How to get to Altos del Maria?

Altos del Maria is only 1 hour and 20 minutes west of Panama City, along the Interamerican Highway.
It is a 60 minute drive (94 km - 58.28 miles) to the town of Bejuco. Once in Bejuco, make a right turn at the
Altos del Maria sign, and then you will have a 20 minute drive to the township Sora (19 km - 11.78 miles)
to our unbelievably beautiful, fresh, mountain paradise.

If you’re traveling from the Playa Blanca (Farallón) area, you travel east, towards Panama City,
for about 35 minutes to the town of Bejuco (just 7-10 minutes after Coronado), make a left at the Altos del
Maria sign and then you will have a 20 minute drive to the township Sora (19 km - 11.78 miles)
to our unbelievably beautiful, fresh, mountain paradise.

What is the altitude in Altos del Maria?

The properties are located between altitudes from 450 - 1,100 meters (1,476 – 3,608 feet) above sea level.

What is the temperature in Altos del Maria?

At Altos del Maria, the average temperature is between (75º F - 24 Cº) and the humidity is about 70%.

What are the sizes of the lots in Altos del Maria?

The sizes of the lots in the development range between 1,000 sq.
meters to 8,000 sq. meters (0.25 acre to 2 acres).

What are the characteristics that you take in consideration when pricing the lots?

The prices of the lots depend on the size, topography and view.

Are there requisites to buy in Altos del Maria?

There's really no pre-requisite to buy in Altos del Maria. If you would like to come as a
retiree or "pensionado" you'll need to apply for the visa here in Panama, where you'll need to provide
a minimum steady income of USD $500.00 per month per person. On the other hand, if you do not
apply for the retirement or pensionado visa and would like to come and buy a property
at Altos del Maria, you are able to do so with no problem.

What are the views that I can have from my property in Altos del Maria?

From your property in Altos del Maria you will see panoramic views of the mountains,
valley, green belt, Pacific or Atlantic Ocean.

What are the steps to buy a lot / house cash in your development?

With US$500.00 you can put a hold on the lot and US$ 1,000.00 for the house, of your
choice, for 30 days. Please contact us for more information.

Will you finance the property of my interest?

We finance lots and we will not finance houses, however we may put you in contact with
local bankers whom will be glad to assist you. You may finance just 1 lot, up to 15 years at 10% interest
rate, without collateral up to 75 years old. And it will be through an escrow trust (Fideicomiso). If you would like to
finance with us, please bring with you copy of your credit report and proof
of income (such as your income tax statement) If you decide to pay the debt
off before term, there’s no penalty for doing so.

No one knows Panama better than we do. If you're ready to step into your dreams of living in one of the world's most beautiful nations, contact us right away. We know we have a property available that will delight and thrill you. United Country Altos del Maria can save you time and money in locating real estate throughout Panama City and the surrounding areas of Panama. We offer a fine selection of Panama homes for sale, mountain property, oceanfront property and lots for sale.

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