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In 1928, United Country changed the real estate marketing landscape by introducing the first real estate catalog. In the years since, we’ve found innumerable ways to communicate with brokers, agents, buyers and sellers and are constantly looking for new ways to hold conversations about real estate, auctions, lifestyle properties and more. Platforms like this allow people to communicate regardless of geography – the very thing our founder, Roscoe Chamberlain, had in mind when he printed that first catalog nearly a century ago.

Our vision for this blog is that it will allow us to share the things we think are most important with you – industry and market information, company announcements, videos, helpful home buying and selling hints and more – as well as get input from you about your real estate experiences.

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Despite a slow start this year due to rocky weather conditions hitting many states, the market for the remainder of 2019 looks clear.

An auctioneer’s role is a lot deeper than just bid calling. If you’re thinking of buying or selling property via auction, it’s important to know...

The auction method of marketing and selling real estate is the world’s oldest and most misconceived method.

As the leader in all types of lifestyle properties since 1925, United Country Real Estate has always been at the forefront of innovative marketing...

No matter how good an agent is at selling real estate, it’s important to find someone who can effectively market your home as well.

The decision to buy or sell property isn’t a decision you take lightly so neither should choosing your real estate agent...

Our goal was to raise the bar and offer the market a better solution to their real estate needs, and together with United Country, and we did...

The new partnership allows all United Country offices the ability to implement state of the art auction software technologies as well as utilize...

Companies now are fighting for their website to be the top spot on a Google search. How is that possible? It’s called Search Engine Optimization...

Regardless of the product (real estate, equipment, etc.), what is a reasonable amount of information the auctioneer should be expected to provide...

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Total visits to all United Country sites is approximately 3 million each month, and about 75 million page views...

Auctions are a great fit for many types of properties, but how do you figure out if it’s right for your property?

As technology continues its rapid evolution it’s important to seek out opportunities that make your property stand out from the competition...