Affordable Home Renovations that Increase Your Home's Value

October 28, 2018

Did you know you can increase your home’s value without breaking the bank? Actually, low-cost improvement projects actually produce a larger return...

If you’re thinking about selling your property soon, it’s time to start thinking about how to get the most money for your investment. Did you know you can increase your home’s value without breaking the bank? Actually, low-cost improvement projects actually produce a larger return on investment than high-dollar projects. Before setting up a for sale sign, consider doing a few of these simple, affordable home renovations.

Freshen up the paint. Painting a few of the rooms, especially those that need it, can be one of the most affordable ways to lighten up your living space for buyers. Neutral tons like beige, gray and even an off white are popular colors to use. If you do the painting yourself, it can cost you less than $250 per room. Also, boost the appearance of the exterior by painting your front door (and garage door) to make a good first impression.

Update the floors. Carpet only has an average lifespan of less than 10 years. If your carpet is looking dingy or outdated, consider replacing it with new carpet or even replacing it with laminate wood. What would only cost $400-$800 per room could give you a return up to $2,000.

Lighten up. Installing new light fixtures or even replacing bulbs can make a big difference in the overall feel of the home.  Switching to incandescent bulbs, and staying away from fluorescent lighting, can give a softer feel to the home’s interior. Installing energy saving bulbs will also save on electric bills, which can be appealing to the prospective buyer. Just switching the bulbs in the house will only cost you about $20 per room.

Spruce up the kitchen. Kitchens are often one of the most outdated rooms in a home. Fix this issue by replacing the kitchen cabinets and knobs. Don’t want to spring for the cabinets? Add a fresh coat of paint and still replace the knobs for a new, modern look. Knobs will only cost around $10 each and are easy to install on your own. Also, if you have outdated tile, swap it out for something like mosaic tile, which is super affordable at only $5 per square foot.

Make a good first impression. Don’t forget about the outside curb appeal. Just cleaning up your yard can increase the potential value of your property. Trim bushes, remove weeds and other debris and pressure washing the home’s exterior will increase the appeal and set your up for success. Most likely, you can do this on your own, but it might be best to hire a professional, which can cost less than $150. If you’re ready to sell your property,

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