Amp Up Your Curb Appeal This Winter

January 04, 2018

Selling a property during the winter months can be profitable and result in a faster than average sell time when buyers tend to have more urgency.

Selling a property during the winter months can be profitable and result in a faster than average sell time when buyers tend to have more urgency. There are weather related challenges to selling during the colder, gloomy months but the good news is that there are multiple things you can do as a seller that will increase your chances of attracting potential buyers.

Clean up. If you don’t have snow on the ground, make sure your grass is clear of any leaves or other debris. Gutters have most likely collected plenty of leaves during the fall so make sure those are cleared before putting your home on the market. If there is snow and/or ice, focus on safety first. Shovel your driveway, walkways and stairs. Also, use ice melt to ensure any slick spots are gone before showings.

Give your home some color. Since all of the trees are bare during the winter, the exterior of your home will be more visible. A fresh coat of paint can help make your house stand out. Also, adding some cold weather plants and evergreens to the front yard can liven up the winter landscape and give it some added color.

Let there be light. Mostly likely, buyers will be viewing your home around dusk or later. Having outdoor lighting will not only improve the safety of your home, but it will also be attractive to buyers. Lighten walkways to give a safe and beautiful path to the entryway, and clear flood lights can help brighten your home’s landscaping and architectural features.

Don’t be too personal. Just like in warmer months, holiday decorations or personal décor could distract people looking at the home for sale. Buyers want to envision themselves in the home. Take down personal photos and try adding subtle winter decorations like small white lights or stacks of firewood against a wall. It’s easy to overlook a lot of small details when listing your home in the cold, darker months. Warming up your home with these small changes can make a big difference.

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