Coronavirus and Real Estate: Stay Productive During Isolation

March 13, 2020

If you’re choosing to take the cautious route and stay home like most, there are many things you can do to stay productive.

With the fear of the Coronavirus spreading, causing businesses, schools and organizations everywhere to close until at least April, the question is… what happens to us in real estate? If you’re choosing to take the cautious route and stay home like most, there are many things you can do to stay productive. Here are some tips from the executives at United Country Real Estate.
  • Leverage video conferencing (like Zoom, etc..) to enhance company, team and client meetings
  • Review and measure business plan (company/personal) as we close Q1
  • Watch training videos or listen to podcasts
  • Use your phone to reconnect to network, friends and family
  • Read self-improvement, business strategy or management books – we highly recommend:
    • Zero to One
    • Good to Great
    • The Infinity Game
    • Sapiens
    • Who Moved My Cheese (short)
    • Who Will Do What By When (short).
  • Inventory your worthy rivals (aka “competitors”) and note five observations about each.
    • What are they doing well?
    • Ask how are you different / better
    • What can you do to communicate your difference in your marketing and collateral material
  • Update your personal and office business website
    • Biography
    • SEO keywords
    • Headshots
  • Update all of your listings in Bullseye with a focus on writing proper SEO terminology, embedded links, edit images, etc.
  • Clean up and build your contact database
  • Review and update all of your marketing material, listing presentation, leave behinds, websites, etc.
  • Call five people that you would like to have in your netwo
  • Create hand-written notes and/or letters and send to clients, prospects, sphere of influence, etc.
  • Do a deep dive review on one new partner offering a day.
  • Beef up your digital marketing strategies, like social media, that you can do directly from your phone or home computer.
  • Eat well and get some exercise!
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