Find Your Freedom: Dave Ober

June 04, 2010

Without a doubt my favorite thing about being part of a first-class organization like United Country is all the family members nationwide...

Every week we share a story with you from someone who’s found their freedom with United Country. From buyers to sellers, from brokers to managers – everyone in the United Country family has a story. Today’s post comes from Dave Ober, sales manager of United Country Home Mortgage.

In 2007, I was a regional sales manager with Indy Mac Bank’s mortgage division. Just as the company reached the verge of a bank failure, U.S. Bank recruited me. They asked me to come on as sales manager for the joint venture between U.S. Bank and United Country Real Estate.

Living in a small, rural town (Atchison, Kan.) with my family, United Country felt like home. That’s not to say the research and interview process wasn’t a challenge, though. At times, it was overwhelming! As I looked into the company, I discovered a powerful marketing engine, the company’s award-winning website and a vast number of offices nationwide.

Since joining United Country in November 2007, my life has balance, both personally and professionally. The one goal I’ve had since being in the finance/mortgage industry was to build a company from the ground up with a commitment of excellence and focus on customer service – and that’s exactly what I’ve been able to do with United Country Home Mortgage.

Home ownership and providing the means to customers is challenging, but the end result outweighs all the challenges. Without a doubt my favorite thing about being part of a first-class organization like United Country is all the family members nationwide. From the company headquarters in Kansas City to all the brokers, sales associates and field managers across the country, United’s family members are our key to the success now and in the future.

If you’ve found your freedom with United Country, please send us your story to be featured in a future blog post!

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