Find Your Freedom Friday: Dan Duffy

March 05, 2010

We were told that luck does not exist and what people call luck is the intersection of hard work and an ardent respect for doing things right...

Every week we’re going to share a story with you from someone who’s found their freedom with United Country. From buyers to sellers, from brokers to managers – everyone in the United Country family has a story.

Today’s post comes from our CEO, Dan Duffy. 

Above is a photo of Dan Duffy (far right) with president of Ducks Unlimited (far left).

My father always pushed us to realize our full potential, whatever that was. My brothers, sister and I were challenged not to squander an ounce of energy on unimportant matters and to remain focused on doing great things with our lives to the best of our potential. We were told that luck does not exist and what people call luck is the intersection of hard work and an ardent respect for doing things right and doing the right thing. The missing ingredient was gaining the experience to make this a reality and finding a place to apply this attitude with a great group of people that you respected on all levels.

This is where my personal experience with United begins. Four short years ago, I was fortunate to be introduced to United and the great people that make this a special company. I have a strong desire to be in a position to contribute to others’ success by bringing them opportunities and resources that would make a difference in their lives and the lives of those they serve, as well as a difference that would positively change an important market in a demonstrable way.

United was and is a perfect place to make this happen. The impact we have had to date is appreciable; but, years from now we will look back on what we (the collective “we” of United Country) have done in the past few years, and we will realize that this is the moment that we changed the real estate game forever. When I was asked to write about how I found my freedom with United Country, I remembered a restaurant I used to go to outside of St. Joe, Mich. Tucked away on the edge of the sidewalk were two statues, one engraved with a quote that I feel rings true with a philosophy that I hold dear.

I believe that every man and woman should make the most of the time God gives us on this beautiful blue marble, and I feel that the statue’s quote is an appropriate punctuation point at the end of my story about how and why I chose to be part of the United opportunity:

“It is better live one day as a lion than a thousand as a sheep.” ~ Julius Caesar

If you’ve found your freedom with United Country, please send us your story to be featured in a future blog post!

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