Five Digital Marketing Tips that Drive Buyers to Your Property

March 09, 2010

As technology continues its rapid evolution it’s important to seek out opportunities that make your property stand out from the competition...

As technology continues its rapid evolution it’s important to seek out opportunities that make your property stand out from the competition. Working with a local United Country office ensures your property is gaining maximum targeted exposure through our industry leading web sites and exclusive buyer channels.

Here are five additional ways properties can be marketed digitally to generate buyer leads:

  1. Leverage social networking sites: Alerting your network(s) about your property through free sites like Facebook and Twitter are great free ways to gain immediate exposure. These platforms let your contacts know about your property through the trusted existing relationship you hold with them.
  2. Incorporate video into your marketing plan: Distribution of online content is easy via sites like, Yahoo Video,, and among others. This content is index able and typically yields high results with search engines when tagged properly. What a great way to enhance exposure for your property in an engaging format for buyers.
  3. Build a custom web site: For large properties, auctions and special offerings, a custom web site showcasing your property can make you stand out above the competition. Backend automated reporting via Google Analytics allows you to track the effectiveness of a marketing campaign and illustrate Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI). United Country’s in-house marketing firm has built hundreds of these sites and can do the same for your property.
  4. Listing syndication: Showcase your property on as many relevant sites as possible. Services such as and allow you to upload a listing once and send it out to multiple affiliated sites. United Country syndicates all of its listings to the following sites automatically when they are loaded into our system by our offices: Zillow, Trulia, Yahoo Real Estate, Google Base and HomeFinder.
  5. E-mail campaigns: United Country’s database of 300,000+ current buyers is reached exclusively through our brokers and agents. Third-party lists are also available when you’re trying to reach a targeted segment of prospective buyers. E-mail is a cost-effective way to reach large amounts of prospective buyers.
What role does technology play in your real estate marketing campaigns?

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