Selling Land and Unique Properties

October 20, 2013

Large tracts of land, farms, recreational and other out-of-the-way real estate require a more targeted marketing...

When considering selling land and unique properties it’s important to market strongly to out of area buyers. Many times, even if the adjoining neighbor is interested in the property, out of area buyers may be willing to pay more. Importantly, even if the adjoining neighbor does eventually buy the property, the additional out of area interest many times increases the final selling price to fair market value.

Due to the specific niche buyers (for example farmers or hunters) these types of properties require, it’s important sellers find the right agent to market them. “Large tracts of land, farms, recreational and other out-of-the-way real estate require a more targeted marketing plan than your typical house in the suburbs,” said Kevin Oldham, vice president of United Country Marketing Services.

“A sign on the side of the road is just not going to cut it when it comes to many lifestyle properties. Sellers need a professional marketer who understands regional, national and international advertising, specialty website marketing, social media, public relations, digital media and content marketing, as well as targeted brochures and direct mail, to get the job done right.”

So, when marketing specialized properties like farms, ranches, waterfront, mountain, coastal, vineyards or any unique lifestyle property in your neck of the woods, make sure the agent you choose can show specialty property expertise and proven results and reach the broader, targeted buyer you need.

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