Taking the Search Out of Online Real Estate Searches

May 04, 2010

In the past year, we have launched a series of specialty marketing websites that make online property searches less about the search and more about...

United Country has been the place to search for specialty properties for years. Our agents are experts in all types of properties, from waterfront to historic to recreational to commercial, and our website allows users to search by property type. But in the past few months, we’ve worked hard to improve our service even more. This week we’ll talk about changes we’ve made for buyers, and next week we’ll talk about changes for sellers.

For the majority of buyers today, the search for real estate begins online, so the ability to find the right properties with ease and speed is essential. In the past year, we have launched a series of specialty marketing websites that make online property searches less about the search and more about discovery.

While most real estate websites allow users to search for a specific area and basic details about the type of property they are seeking, few offer the ability to find specific niche properties through a site dedicated solely to that property type. To complement the company’s award-winning website, 40 new property-specific sites have been launched to further assist buyers in finding their dream properties more easily.

“Our new specialty property sites are designed to take the guesswork out of online searches for visitors who are looking for a specific type of property,” said David Dickey, chief operations and technology officer for United Country Real Estate. “Buyers today want the ability to search a large inventory of properties that meet criteria other than location, price and number of bedrooms. That’s why our new sites allow you to search by whatever lifestyle attributes are important to you.
United Country’s portfolio of specialty sites includes individual national and state websites for historic properties, coastal and waterfront properties, luxury properties, hunting properties, and golf properties – just to name a few. All 40 specialty sites can also be accessed from the main United Country website, and additional specialty sites will be added in the months to come. To view a full list of United Country’s new specialty property websites, visit www.unitedcountryspg.com.

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