The power of continuing education and training in real estate

July 24, 2015

It’s been shown that those who apply knowledge in the real world while also learning from a classroom environment are able to excel more often...

Building relationships with clients can be harder than you think. Sometimes it takes more than just posting a listing online or putting a sign in a yard to close a sale. In any field, customers rely on the salesperson to have an extensive knowledge of their product and be able to relay that knowledge effectively.

In real estate, that’s no different. Sure, you have your real estate license, but you obtained that 10 years ago. We are in an ever-changing society. Laws change. Policies change. Sales and marketing trends change. How do you keep up? Real estate is a constantly changing and busy marketplace. It’s been shown that those who apply knowledge in the real world while also learning from a classroom environment are able to excel more often than those who only do one or the other. 

In addition to keeping up on the latest trends in sales and marketing, real estate agents need to stay current on financing options, government programs, fair housing laws and zoning issues. Realizing the importance of continuing education and training in real estate could ensure your success and satisfaction in your career as an agent or broker. Not only is continuing education required in most states to renew a real estate license, it’s also pertinent when it comes to being the expert.

Gaining a client’s trust means more referrals. Referrals mean more money and as the old saying goes – time is money.  The more time you put into continuing education, the more you possibly make. Need proof? According to United Country Real Estate Education Manager, Carmen Barnes, the offices and agents who are engaged in the training opportunities have the highest success rates and are recognized as the top performers in the company. “We currently offer nationwide Regional Training sessions, UnitedPower! training in Kansas City, Missouri, numerous online webinars, Auction Conferences and the National Training and Awards Convention – our largest training event held on an annual basis,” said Barnes. “It is critical to attend as many of these programs as possible to gain extensive knowledge and to stay on top of the continuously updated services we provide.”

United Country Real Estate continues to offer a wide variety of live and online educational opportunities that are geared to ensure all offices, agents and auctioneers succeed in the industry. These opportunities have allowed United Country to be the only national franchise system specializing in real estate throughout the small towns and cities of rural America, Mexico and Latin America for the last 90 years. If you’re interested in joining the United Country team or would like to learn more about educational and training opportunities, visit our website at


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