United Country Has Record Breaking Traffic

June 02, 2010

Total visits to all United Country sites is approximately 3 million each month, and about 75 million page views...

After examining our primary site analytics (www.unitedcountry.com) for the past month, we’re excited to announce that recent efforts to drive traffic have worked.

In May 2010, our site had double-digit year-over-year growth for the eighth month in a row. 

In addition, we noted that the marketing team’s efforts to attract more foreign buyers and investors are also paying off. Visits to our primary URL came from 172 separate countries and territories in May alone!

This traffic snapshot is only from our primary website, and does not include traffic metrics for the other 1,000+ websites hosted and supported by United Country to promote our office’s listings to buyers around the globe.

Total visits to all United Country sites is approximately 3 million each month, and we have about 75 million page views and more than 150 million hits – per month!

Note the map above. Shaded countries represent countries where UnitedCountry.com received traffic. Looks like we have some work to do to get Greenland to pay attention to us!

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