United Country Offices Partner to Close Big Sale

September 08, 2021

There was a recent partnership between United County Colorado Ranch Brokers and Foothills Premier Properties that shows the UCRE family culture.

While there is little argument that United Country specialty property marketing is unequalled and can be very effective for soliciting and selling niche properties, we sometimes overlook one of the most unique and special qualities of United Country.  The essence that makes up the character of our United Country family and its culture is the integrity and relationships within our organization.

There was a recent partnership between United County offices: Colorado Ranch Brokers and Foothills Premier Properties that shows the family culture amongst United Country affiliates.  Jake Hubbell and Gary Hubbell from Colorado Ranch Brokers in Hotchkiss, Colo., are experts selling wineries and vineyards. They landed a listing appointment with a vineyard outside their marketing area and teamed up with John Sosna from Foothills Premier Properties LLC, who markets extensively on the Northern Colorado Front Range.

The blend of Sosna’s knowledge of the local market and his team’s ability to provide service to the seller located in Weld County, coupled with the Colorado Ranch Brokers team’s ability to seek out and obtain the listing appointment of a high-end specialty property provided the top-quality service the seller was looking for.  The best part, however, is that the level of teamwork and trust between the United Country Offices resulted in a quick, full-price contract with multiple offers. Ultimately, it was only on the market for six weeks and sold for $2.7 million.

Having been part of the United Country family since 1993, it is always heartwarming to see offices working with each other for the mutual success our customers.  Sometimes, it is easy to overlook this unique comradery.  I encourage all United Country agents, brokers and auctioneers to add this important item to your list of differentiation when dealing with sellers and buyers in your market.  I assure you that this is very special amongst our United Country family.


About the author:

Lou Gassner is a veteran broker for United Country | Foothills Premier Properties, LLC with more than 25 years of experience. He specializes in luxury homes, vacant land, horse and farm properties, mountain homes, waterfront properties and golf properties in Colorado. As an Army veteran, he is always willing to help his fellow members of the armed forces with their real estate needs. He has an extensive knowledge in real estate and finance. 

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