Feb. 5, 2021 – (KANSAS CITY, Mo.) - United Country Real Estate brokers, agents and auctioneers had an unbelievable year in 2020. As the trend of many Americans moving from big cities to the smaller, less populated areas, United Country agents were there to help. These 10 offices from all parts of the country were the top performers for 2020, growing nearly 50 percent from a record breaking 2019.

  1. United Country | Midwest Lifestyle Properties - Portage, WI
    Owners: Travis Hamele & Josh Genz

    Travis, Josh and team achieved a record level GCI and the #1 positon nationwide! This rapidly expanding team covers Wisconsin, Minnesota and has recently expanded into Iowa. They had an amazing year achieving the highest level of sales in United Country history and growing an awesome 34 percent.

  2. United Country | Southern States Realty - McComb, MS
    Owners: Scott Lindsey & Patrick Gibson

    The team from Mississippi and Louisiana is expanding across the deep south. Scott Lindsey, Patrick Gibson and team achieved a second place in the nation finish ending a powerful year neck and neck with Travis and team, with only one to two sales making the difference. They too took a huge year in 2019 and grew another 43 percent in 2020.

  3. United Country | Missouri Land and Home - Columbia, MO
    Owner: Kurt Hollenburg

    Achieving the number three position in the company, Kurt Hollenberg and team more than doubled their strong volume and top 10 performance last year! Kurt and team traveled across the country landing some huge real estate deals as far away as Idaho! The team here is no stranger to the top 10 and have performed at that level for more than 10 years.

  4. United Country | Smith and Associates - Trenton, FL
    Owner: Brad Smith

    Brad Smith has an unstoppable team of professionals in the “Big Bend” of Florida bringing in tremendous volume and $3 million in commissions. He covers North Central Florida and has a team of very smart, hardworking professionals that provide clients in that area expertise and conscientious caring that can be seen in everything they do. They are a fun and tireless group to watch and work with and continue to dominate the markets they serve.

  5. United Country | Blue Ridge Land and Auction - Floyd, VA
    Owner: Matt Gallimore

    After many years and a second generation operating a top office, Matt Gallimore and the team set their sights on the top 10 about three years ago and have never looked back. They took huge volume in 2019 and grew it 52 percent through some very hard work and smart strategy! Virginia will never be the same.

  6. United Country | Lake Palestine Real Estate & The Staples Group - Lake Palestine, TX
    Owner: Dana Staples

    Dana Staples and the team from Lake Palestine and Tyler, Texas were on fire again. They are true leaders in the company and have done an outstanding job of helping a lot of people realize the wonderful lifestyle East Texas has to offer. They would need a bigger lake to slow down their super-hot year... growing 32 percent as they helped so many people move to the beautiful properties around the lake and throughout East Texas

  7. United Country | Ozarks Realty and Auction Group - Mountain Grove, MO
    Owners: Liz & John Citron, Riley Cain, and Cody Weeks

    With a dedicated team and pushing the envelope in marketing, Liz & John Citron, Riley Cain and Cody Weeks and the team tore up the market expanding an already huge sales base 37 percent and achieving the number 7 spot in the nation. The team continues to learn more, expand and innovate driving tremendous growth throughout Southern Missouri.

  8. United Country | Columbia Realty and Auction - Columbia, TN
    Owners: Melissa and Darrell Potts

    The team from Tennessee made it to the top of the mountain (likely Rocky Top J) and broke more than $2 million in $GCI as it seems they were helping everyone move to areas south of Nashville. Melissa and Darrell Potts and the team have been achieving top 10 performance for years now and this year grew to #8 and a whopping 46 percent!

  9. United Country | Forbes Realty and Auction - Hertford, N.C.
    Owner: Jake Forbes

    Jake Forbes and the top team in North Carolina exploded into the top 10 reaching #9 and nearly doubled their business... up 86 percent! Jake and team have been working diligently to grow their business and the results have followed-up that hard work. This team represents some of the most beautiful properties in the country found all over the Northeast corner of North Carolina.

  10. United Country | Lifestyle Properties of Maine - Lincoln, ME
    Owner: Phil McPhail and Peter McPhail

    Since 1974, the number 10 office in the nation has been a long standing top real estate company in Maine and today covers the entire state and is expanding into New Hampshire. No stranger to the top 10 and breaking into this elite group again, the team grew their business over 50 percent to claim the 10th spot in the rankings. Like the rest of the top 10, they have a great team, leverage the SPGs hard and execute really smart marketing and advertising strategies.

This group of talented real estate professionals represent just two percent of the United Country network of more than 400 offices. Each execute smart business plans and strategies, and have teams that support each other to reach higher goals and provide the best services to their clients. They help countless other agents and brokers in the nation and push everyone to higher levels. Congratulations to all.

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