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Whether you’re looking for large scale row crop production, dairy farms for sale, cattle or horse farms, farmettes, hobby farms, poultry farms, hog farms, orchards or any other type of agriculture land for sale, you can find it here.

Having the right land is crucial when you are dreaming of owning a farm. United Country is the nation's leading real estate organization when it comes to farms for sale for a reason. Our experienced agents don't just understand what makes a good farm for sale, they are also intimately familiar with the area they work in. It isn't unusual for our agents who specialize in farm real estate for sale to know the town and its people, and provide a seller with insights into rural life in a particular city. We take great pride in uniting buyers and sellers all across the country. If it's land and farm, it is United Country Real Estate.

Types of Farms for Sale

Whether you are looking for small farms for sale or searching for dairy farms for sale, we can help. Finding farm land for sale isn't as easy as driving around an area and looking for a "for sale" sign posted out front. It is about building relationships, trust, and understanding the local market. Our experienced agents can help you find every type of farm for sale, including:

  • Dairy farms
  • Horse farms
  • Row crop farms
  • Poultry farms
  • Commercial farms for sale
  • Residential farms
  • Organic farms
  • Hobby farms
  • Small farm land
  • A historic farmhouse for sale
  • And much more!

Search for particular farm real estate in your desired state and contact one of our 4,000 agents in more than 500 offices across America. Let us know what may interest you, we are happy to schedule a tour.


What You Should Look for When Searching for Farm Land for Sale

Deciding to look for a farm for sale isn't a small decision. As anyone knows, running a farm takes a lot of dedication. You want to be wholly informed before purchasing any land for sale, in particular, farmland. The first step is to find a real estate company who understands the specific ins and outs when it comes to agricultural land. United Country Real Estate has 100 years of experience in uniting farmland buyers and sellers. Here are a few things you will want to consider when you are hunting down a farm for sale:

  • Where are the farms for sale near me?
  • What acreage do you prefer?
  • What is the condition of any standing structures on the land?
  • When was the last survey of the property completed?
  • What is the history of ownership of the land?
  • Are there any title or deed issues in the past?
  • What are the water rights?

All of these questions can be quickly answered with the help of one of the farm real estate experts at United Country. Are you ready to find a farm land for sale near you? Search for "farms for sale near me," browse our listings by state and get in touch.

What are the Benefits of Owning a Farm?

  1. Economic Opportunities: A well-managed farm can be a nice source of income. You can sell crops, livestock, or products like milk, homemade jams, honey, or crafts. You may also generate revenue through agritourism activities, farm tours, or hosting events on your property.
  2. Food self-sufficiency: Owning a farm means having access to fresh produce, dairy, and meat products. You can grow your fruits and vegetables, raise your animals for dairy and meat products, and even harvest eggs from your backyard chickens. This can help you save money on groceries and provide a source of healthy, fresh food for your family.
  3. Financial benefits: Depending on the type of farming you do, owning a farm can be a profitable business. You can sell your products directly to consumers or to local markets, restaurants, or supermarkets. Owning a farm can also provide tax benefits, such as deductions for equipment, land, and other expenses.
  4. Health benefits: Farming can be a physically demanding job, which can help you stay fit and active. Spending time outdoors and working with your hands can also be good for your mental health and well-being.
  5. Sustainability: Owning a farm can allow you to practice sustainable farming methods, such as crop rotation, soil conservation, and natural pest control. This can help you reduce your environmental impact and promote biodiversity.
  6. Community involvement: Owning a farm can also provide opportunities for community involvement, such as participating in local farmers' markets, hosting educational events, and working with other farmers to promote sustainable farming practices.

Overall, owning a farm can provide a sense of independence, financial security, and a connection to the land and community.

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