United Country Announces Top Listing Agents of 2020

March 02, 2021
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In a year of record low inventory, these agents excelled at listing properties for sale in 2020.

What makes United Country different from every other real estate company is unique differentiation, designed to win listings for our agents across the nation.  Listings are the single most important factor to succeeding in real estate. There is a direct relationship between the number and quality of your listings and your sales income. In a year when inventory hit record lows, these agents defied all odds and secured thousands of listings between them.


Congratulations to the top listings agents of 2020!


1. Kristie Rackley of UCRE | Cozort Realty

2. Kim Grennan of UCRE | West Plains Missouri Ozarks Realty

3. Tony Alcott of UCRE | River City Realty of Pickwick

4. Bruce Witt of UCRE | The O'Connor Agency

5. Daniel Neeley of UCRE | Neeley Forestry Service

6. Jeff Cooper of UCRE | Mixon Realty

6. Levi Cox of UCRE | Blue Ridge Land and Auction

6. Stephanie Barron of UCRE | Smith and Associates

7. Norman Cozort of UCRE | Cozort Realty

8. John Charles of UCRE | Metcalfe Realty and Auction

9. Amy Tabor of UCRE | H5 Auction and Realty

9. Brandon Wikman & Joseph Nawrot of UCRE | Midwest Lifestyle Properties

9. Cody Cooper of UCRE | Ozark Realty

10. Carmen McPhail of UCRE | Lifestyle Properties of Maine

10. Josh Barkhimer of UCRE | Neeley Forestry Service

11. Joey Haun of UCRE | Clinch Mountain Realty and Auction                     

12. Hannah Davidson of UCRE | Diamond G Realty                                                    

13. Kurt Royster of UCRE | Virginia Realty                                                          

14. Scott Campbell of UCRE | Southern States Realty                                             

15. Bob Bowman of UCRE | Mixon Realty                                                             

16. Jonathan Hickerson of UCRE | Columbia Realty & Auction                                     

17. Cheyenne Friend Key of UCRE | Heart of Texoma Realtors                                       

17. Kim Buchanan of UCRE | Columbia Realty & Auction                                      

17. Slade Priest of UCRE | Southern States Realty                                             

18. Fred Bennett of UCRE | Nelson Real Estate & Auction                                  

18. Jason Syens of UCRE | Midwest Lifestyle Properties                                   

19. Astrid Inga Armani of UCRE | Desert Rose Realty                                                   

19. Dale Ivy of UCRE | Ozark Realty                                                              

19. Lance Cureton of UCRE | Homestead Real Estate                                            

19. Marla Denton of UCRE | Ozarks Realty and Auction Group                           

20. Bryce Bignall of UCRE | Ponderosa Realty                                                     

20. Kenny Harris of UCRE | River City Realty                                                       

21. Brooke Atkins of UCRE | Heart of The City Realtors                                      

21. Cody Coffey of UCRE | Coffey Realty & Auction                                           

21. Hunter Shearer of UCRE | Lakes and Land Realty and Auction                        

22. Brooks Tabor of UCRE | H5 Auction & Realty                                                 

22. Ricky O'Neill of UCRE | Neeley Forestry Service                                            

23. Bruce Witte of UCRE | Midwest Lifestyle Properties                                   

24. Chad Madison of UCRE | Virginia Realty                                                            

24. Chris Pyron of UCRE | River City Realty                                                         

24. Julie Piland of UCRE | Real Colorado Properties                                           

24. Nate Ammons of UCRE | Hawkeye Farm Mgmt & Real Estate                       

24. Ryan Ammons of UCRE | Hawkeye Farm Mgmt & Real Estate                          

25. Joann White of UCRE | Stevenson Realty, Auction & Management              

25. Monte Shockley of UCRE | Mixon Realty          

If you want to be part of our growing network of talented real estate agents, visit www.JoinUnitedCountry.com and start landing more listings and earning more money!