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December 04, 2023
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Coastal home insurance defers in many ways from standard home insurance. Learn all about the differences, necessities and nuances here.

Coastal Home Insurance Facts

Purchasing a property along the coastline is nearly every person’s dream. Despite all the fantastic beach and water-related activities, there is a significant risk related to owning an oceanfront home. Coastal living introduces an increased risk of damage to your home from hurricanes, flooding, coastal erosion, and wear and tear from harsh weather conditions.

Coastal home insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed to mitigate risks associated with properties located in coastal areas. We will explain coverage limitations, differences when compared to standard home insurance, deductibles, and the purchasing process and hopefully shed more light on its significance.

While understanding classic homeowner insurance is not always easy, coastal home insurance can get even more complex when it comes to coverage exceptions and deductibles.

Who needs Coastal Home insurance?

Vulnerability to natural disasters and proximity to bodies of water are key factors that determine the necessity for specialized home insurance coverage. Coastal home insurance is common in Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and California as these states are particularly susceptible to hurricanes, flooding, and other weather-related risks.

Coastal home insurance provides financial protection not only to the structure itself but also to personal belongings. Some policies may include coverage for additional living expenses in case of temporary displacement.

Are you obligated to have coastal home insurance?

Your mortgage provider may require you to purchase this additional coverage. If your house is paid for, this insurance is not required, but it certainly provides peace of mind.

If you are new to owning a coastal home, review your current policy and talk to a local insurance agency about any additional coverage that may be recommended in your area. Coastal homes aren’t all located in storm and flood areas so doing your research is probably the best first step.


Purchase Your Dream Coastal Home with United Country

Read the full article to learn more about deductibles, how to purchase and the difference between standard home insurance and costal home insurance. Many questions may arise when it comes to purchasing an oceanfront or coastal property. With United Country real estate professionals in your corner, you can remain confident that you have the right people fighting for you.


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