What is Considered Rural America? | United Country Real Estate

February 09, 2024
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Around 60 million people, or one in five Americans, live in what is considered rural America. What does that mean?

What is Considered Rural America?

In the U.S., the distinction between rural and urban areas hinges on population size with rural areas defined as having fewer than 50,000 residents. This categorization sheds light on the vast differences between rural and urban living conditions available. Urban areas are characterized by higher population density are divided into urbanized areas and clusters, reflecting varying degrees of population concertation.

Rural vs. Urban

Rural areas, encompassing a significant portion of the U.S. land mass, contrast greatly with urban areas in terms of density and development. While cities boast large populations and account for a major share of the U.S. population, rural areas offer a different and more private environments. These differences impact everything from lifestyle to employment opportunities with rural areas seeing less density but also less access to certain amenities.

Employment and Poverty

Employment in rural regions significantly leans towards agriculture, highlighting the section’s importance in less urban parts of the country. Despite contributing significantly to the country’s GDP, these rural and country regions face challenges like higher poverty rates than their urban counterparts. This is influenced by limited access to markets, education and health services.

The Rural Migration

The COVID-19 pandemic started a notable demographic shift, known as “The Rural Migration” with more than 325,000 Americans moving from cities to rural counties in the first year alone. This movement, primarily towards the southern parts of the nation, marked a significant reversal in America’s long-time population decline. For the first time in years, rural areas saw a population increase, indicating a new interest in the lifestyle and benefits offered by less densely populated regions.

The topic of the recent Rural Migration has a lot of components and can be considered a complex issue. If this teaser article piqued your interest, read the full article on United Country’s dedicated country homes website that goes in further discussing the differences between urban and rural communities and so much more.