2024 Best Backpack Gear for Hunters

March 19, 2024
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Check out this updated list of backpack gear for hunters, including game bags, head lamps and rain gear.

2024 Best Backpack Gear for Hunters

As hunters embark on expeditions to explore America’s vast public lands, backpack hunting has become an optimal approach for reaching remote game territories. To ensure success and ease in these ventures, equipping oneself with essential gear becomes paramount. Here are five must-have items for backpack hunters:

Range Finder: The Vortex Razor HD 4000 GB is a precise and compact design. This range finder is indispensable for calculating distances accurately, facilitating successful shots even in unfamiliar terrains and challenging lighting conditions.

Pad: GOHunt Glassing Pad – Lightweight and foldable, this pad offers much-needed comfort during extended glassing sessions or gear breakdowns, ensuring hunters stay dry and comfortable throughout their expedition. Its dual-sided design, featuring a blaze orange side, serves as a convenient marker on rugged terrains.

Head Lamp: The FENIX HM50R V2.0 Rechargeable Headlamp delivers 700 lumens of brightness. This lightweight headlamp illuminates the path during late-night hunts and aids in field dressing. Its durable aluminum construction ensures reliability in harsh outdoor environments while the removable lamp doubles as a flashlight or beacon.

Rain Gear: Designed to be compact and packable, the Kryptec Jupiter Rain Jacket and Pants provide protection against the elements without adding unnecessary bulk to the backpack. Featuring a breathable and waterproof design, it offers optimal comfort and versatility for hunters facing unpredictable weather conditions.

Game Bags: The Argali Large Game M.O.B. Pack Game Bag Set ensure the safe storage and transportation of meat, preserving its quality and freshness during multi-trip pack outs. Each bag is designed to accommodate quartered elk or caribou, allowing for ample space for hunters to store their harvest securely.

Choosing the best gear is an important decision, and it is critical to have all the information before venturing out into the wilderness on your own. Read the full article to learn even more about the best backpack gear for hunters in 2024. United Country is home to a slew of nation-best hunting experts and leaders in recreational land sales. Find the office in your desired location, and discover why United Country has been the #1 source of hunting and recreational real estate for a century. If you’re lucky, we’ll organize a legendary hunt with you!