Best States to Hunt Elk

January 16, 2024
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One of the largest in the deer family, elk hunting is best found in the following states.

Best States to Hunt Elk


There are many options available for Wyoming elk hunters. The state’s elk population is estimated at 113,000 animals. Elk ranges from mountainous areas to lowlands and plains. You can hunt Elk on public and private land. For nonresident hunters, only certain areas have been designated to allow hunts.  

2. Colorado

Elk is abundant in Colorado and the state has introduced strategies to better manage the population. Approximately 250,000 hunters will pursue elk hunts each year in Colorado and harvest close to 50,000 animals. There are an estimated 280,000 elk in the state with Gunnison Valley being considered elk hunter’s paradise.

3. Montana

Montana has been established as the best state to hunt elk for residents on public land. If you are looking to hunt in the state, start by making sure you understand the regulations in the area you are hunting in.

4. Idaho

Approximately 20,000 elk are harvested each year in Idaho. With a total population of 107,000 elk in the state, it’s a significant number. Since the elk population does not fluctuate as much as the deer population, the harvest numbers remained steady for the last few years. Residents can purchase over-the-counter licenses for many of the state’s hunting units.

With the efforts dedicated to growing the elk population in the United States, hunting elk is again becoming a great tradition and the opportunities to harvest this magnificent animal are constantly improving. Here at United Country Real Estate, we are home to countless hunting, land and other lifestyle property experts who just can’t wait to help you locate your dream elk hunting tract. Learn more about elk hunting and the best spots to indulge in this activity on our hunting website where you can also browse properties and get connected with experts.