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February 04, 2024
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A Closer Look at Mule Deer Survival Struggles in Western North America

Montana's Mule Deer Crisis: A Concern for All Hunters

There has been a lot of discussion about the current Mule Deer status in Eastern Montana, but a glance across not only the west but all of North America reveals similar conversations happening in most states and countries. Let’s look at the effects it is going to have going forward.


Over the last decade, western regions have faced severe droughts and harsh winters, significantly impacting the iconic Mule Deer population. Challenges like feral horses and tag quotas further threaten their sustainability.

While Sonora, Mexico, is known for its giant Mule Deer, few outfitters consistently yield quality bucks. Saskatchewan stand outs for its strict management of Mule Deer herds, although options for non-residents require careful consideration. Most western states struggle to produce a significant number of high-quality bucks, affected both by environmental conditions and management strategies.


We believe in the next few years, Mule Deer breaking the 190-200 mark will likely attract significant investors, making it increasingly challenging for everyday hunters to find success on public lands, a rarity many of us don’t hope becomes the norm. There is so much more to learn and discuss when it comes to Mule Deer hunting on public land and where those trends are heading. Read our full article, fully exploring these topics, on our United Country Real Estate | Northwest Realty & Auction site; where you can also search through all of our available listings. Contact us today to get more information for hunting or ranchland real estate or auctions in Montana.