Spring Forward: Essential Equestrian Property Care for the New Season

April 09, 2024
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Preparing your equestrian property spring requires careful attention. Read our guide to learn how to make the most of your horse property this spring.

Unlock the potential of your equestrian property this spring with this overview of springtime equestrian management. From preventive measures to facility maintenance, ensure your horse property is primed for the season.

Pasture Power

Grazing Management: Introduce horses to spring grass gradually to prevent digestive issues.

Spring Cleaning: Remove debris to promote healthy regrowth and prevent parasites.

Fencing Fix-Up

Inspect & Repair: Address any damage to ensure horse safety.

Facility Focus

Spring Cleaning for Stables & Arenas: Thoroughly clean barns, sheds and arenas to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Roof and Gutter Check: Ensure proper drainage to prevent water damage.

Horse Care Considerations

Parasite Prevention: Schedule fecal egg counts to monitor parasite load.

Vaccinations: Keep vaccinations up-to-date to protect against diseases.

Spring Shedding: Regular grooming promotes healthy coasts and allows for health checks.

Don’t Forget Safety

Fire Safety: Clear brush and debris to prevent fire hazard.


There is much to consider year-round when it comes to maintaining not only your horses but the property on which your raise them. To learn more about this important topic, read our comprehensive and essential spring equestrian care guide.


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