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February 22, 2024
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Explore Climate-Smart agriculture's role in enhancing food security and combating climate change through sustainable and resilient farming practices.

Climate-Smart Agriculture

The Climate Smart Agriculture term has entered the global market as a direct response to climate change. Although climate shift in general is a complex topic, at this time it’s set to have a major impact on future food security.

What is Climate-Smart Agriculture?

Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) is a transformative approach developed in response to climate change, deigned to ensure future food security. It presents a shift in agricultural practices with the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Food and Agriculture Organization leading the charge towards sustainable, resilient and low-emission farming. CSA’s mission is to address climate change’s challenges while supporting global food security.

How can CSA improve agriculture in the long term?

·        Increased Productivity

Increase productivity by transitioning to low-till farming, using cover crops or introducing precise lower amounts of carbon fertilizer to help with minimum soil disturbance and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

·       Improved Resilience

Improve land resilience by reducing vulnerability to droughts, pests, diseases and other climate-related risks and shocks.

·       Reduced Emissions

Reduced emissions can be attained by mitigating greenhouse gas emissions of the food system and avoiding deforestation due to cropland expansion.  

Global Approach to Climate-Smart Agriculture

CSA is critical in the global effort to combat food insecurity exacerbated by climate change. It aligns with international goals like the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, focusing on mitigating agricultural contributions to climate change and promoting sustainable practices. The World Bank’s incorporation of CSA into its operations underscores its importance in reducing greenhouse gases and enhancing climates resilience.

Why is CSA different?

CSA differentiations itself by combining various elements of agriculture, policy and finance to create a holistic approach to sustainable farming. It’s not just about adopting new farming techniques; it’s about creating a resilient agricultural system that can withstand the challenges of climate change. Through enhancing evidence, developing relevant policies and securing financing for climate-adaptive practices, CSA provides a comprehensive framework for future-proofing agriculture.

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