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January 29, 2024
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The use of a draw system for hunting, often called a lottery or point system, varies from state to state.

Understanding Big Game Lottery and Point System

Many states use this system for allocating limited hunting permits for certain species or areas to ensure sustainable management and to control the number of hunters. Big game tags in each state follow the law of supply and demand and often states with large populations of whitetail deer or other game will have no limitations on the number of tags sold.

For those states with a limited population of animals that can be harvested, there are three general systems for obtaining a hunting tag: pure lotteries, bonus point systems and preference point systems.

·       Lottery System

States that utilize a true lottery system offer hunting tags based on a random drawing. As long as your application has been entered during the assigned period, is correct, and is valid, you will be entered into the lottery. The odds of drawing a tag are the same for all applicants.

·       Bonus Point System

Bonus points can help in increasing a hunter’s probability of receiving a low draw number which results in better odds of drawing a tag, but, unlike a preference point, they do not provide any guarantee of drawing a tag after so many points are accumulated. Most often hunters can purchase a bonus point or automatically receive a bonus point for an unsuccessful big game tag application.

·       Preference Point System

Preference points work in a similar way to bonus points, where you receive a point for each year you have not drawn a tag with the main difference being tag allocation. Tags are awarded based on the collected points and are guaranteed to those hunters who have accumulated the most points. Once you reach a certain number of points, you will successfully draw a tag. Allocation starts with the highest number of points and works down from there.

If you are planning a big game hunt in a lottery or point system state, you have to prepare a few years in advance, especially if you are hunting out-of-state. It is vital to understand all the laws and regulations when it comes to hunting in your area or in a brand-new space. That’s why having a lifestyle real estate expert in your corner is important to the hunting or recreational property search. To understand more about big game lottery and point systems, read the full article on our dedicated hunting property website. Call us today to start your journey to finding your dream hunting property!