Battling The Cold: Strategies For Montana Ranchers To Protect Their Herd | United Country Real Estate

January 24, 2024
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Crucial tips to maintaining your Montana cattle ranch during the cold winter months.

Feeding Cattle In The Montana Winter

As the chill of winter envelops Montana, ranchers across the state are gearing up to face the challenges that come with the plummeting temperatures. It's a season that demands meticulous planning and a commitment to the well-being of your cattle. Explore this overview of Tanner Anderson’s detailed article covering the best practices for Montana cattle ranches during these cold winter months.


Cattle Ranching In Montana Winters

Whether it's a permanent structure or a temporary solution, windbreaks are one of the most effective tools we have to shield our cattle from cold stress. These structures provide a refuge where your cattle can seek shelter from the harsh winter winds.


Surviving Harsh Montana Winters Ranching

Providing bedding for your cattle is equally essential. Cornstalks, straw or other sources of bedding act as insulation against the frozen ground. This not only helps keep your cattle's hair coats dry but also assists them in regulating their body temperature.


Feeding Cattle In The Montana Winter

The rumen, a fermentation machine in a cow's digestive system, generates heat during fermentation. By strategically timing your cattle's feeding late in the day, you can harness this heat production to help them combat the colder night temperatures.


While we can't control the whims of mother nature, we can certainly take proactive measures to help our cattle cope with the challenges posed by the cold Montana winter. By implementing an integrated approach that includes windbreaks, bedding, and feeding time adjustments, we can minimize the impact of cold temperatures on our feed bills, calf birth weights, and overall cow comfort. Read the full article, going further into detail, on United Country Real Estate | Northwest Realty & Auction’s website that also includes a full list of current properties and more crucial information to make the most out of your Montana ranches.