Montana Beyond Ranching | United Country Real Estate

April 07, 2024
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Montana has much to offer residents beyond its success in ranching. Read more about the top 10 reasons to relocate to Montana.

Montana’s appeal goes far beyond the stunning rolling pastures and skyscapes. Building a perfect life in this state is seamless and enjoyable. Whether you’re a cattle rancher, seeking low living costs or a variety of other motivations, there is much to love about our state. Here are top 10 reasons why Montana is a great place to live:

1.   Real Estate Property Taxes

2.   Vibrant Cities

3.   The Great Outdoors

4.   Education

5.   Community

6.   Culture and Diversity

7.   Outdoor Recreation

8.   The Healthy State

9.   Ranching

10.   Climate Variety


To dive into detail about why these ten factors make Montana such a special place to live, read the full article here.