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February 26, 2024
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Learn from Montana ranch specialist Tanner Anderson, to understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve when for spring preparation.

Spring Preparations for Montana Ranchers: Weather, Livestock, and Land

Tanner Anderson, a seasoned ranch specialist in Montana, has enjoyed and been adjusting to the milder winter conditions these past couple years with easier winter feeding, simpler maintenance of water supplies and reduced cold weather stress on cow herds, making meeting nutritional requirements more manageable.  

Montana Ranchland Conditions for Spring Pastures

While these mild weather conditions can be beneficial in several ways, there are many drawbacks and potential concerns that ranches should be thinking about as we approach spring. The beautiful Northern Plains are susceptible to weather extremes, ranging from intense heat to severe cold and limited rainfall. Longer recovery periods can occur due to the disruptions of the ecosystem these weather extremes cause, so it is critical to be vigilant when it comes to monitoring and maintaining your land and livestock.

Ranch Management Practices in Montana

Montana’s weather forecast hints at persisting El Niño effects, likely bringing warmer and drier conditions with varied precipitation. This poses challenges for both crop farmers and ranchers, impacting planting schedules and forage production. Severe fall razing may reduce forage yield, complicating spring turnout for livestock. Ranchers must prioritize herd health, especially during calving season, and adapt management practices accordingly. Despite uncertainties, vigilance and preparation are key to navigating the changing Montana ranching landscape.

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