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United Country offers a variety of ranch properties such as ranch land, working ranches, and ranchettes for sale. We can help you find all types of ranches, live water properties and ranch auctions nationwide.

There is nothing more representative of the American dream than owning a large piece of the countryside. United Country is the only organization where you can find your dream ranch property for sale. A working ranch is something to aspire to, and it is crucial that you find the right ranch properties for sale from the very start. We have been assisting people across the nation find unmatched hunting ranches for sale, guest ranches for sale, cattle ranches for sale, even fishing ranches for sale, in all climates and terrains. We even facilitated the sale of the historic Four Sixes Ranch!

Cattle and Horse Ranches

Owning a cattle ranch and a horse ranch both offer unique benefits and can be rewarding for different reasons. A cattle ranch provides a steady source of income through the sale of beef and other cattle products, and can also offer tax benefits through depreciation and conservation easements. It allows owners to actively participate in the agricultural industry, contributing to food production, while also providing a sense of connection to the land. Cattle ranching offers the opportunity to preserve and manage large tracts of land, promoting environmental conservation and biodiversity. On the other hand, a horse ranch offers its own set of advantages. It can offer opportunities for recreational riding and equestrian events, as well as potential income through breeding, boarding and training services. Horses can also provide therapeutic benefits and can help to build strong relationships between people and animals. Ultimately, both types of ranches require hard work and dedication, but can offer unique rewards and a fulfilling lifestyle for those who are passionate about them.

Residential or Commercial Ranch Property for Sale

For some, a ranch is a way of life. It is how they pay the bills, keep their family fed, and employ the local community. For others, they seek ranch homes for sale, nestled on a vast spread of land where they can enjoy privacy and quiet. From a horse ranch for sale to luxury ranches, United Country has the right ranch for sale to match your lifestyle. We have a wide variety of ranchland property for sale to fit your needs. Let one of our 4,000 real estate agents in over 500 offices guide you through our listings for ranch properties for sale and match you with the perfect piece of land.

Luxury Ranches Available for a Peaceful Escape

In today’s modern world, it is necessary for us to disconnect once in a while. A luxury ranch is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle, and focus on what matters. Imagine sitting out on a porch, listening to the wind, and breathing the fresh country air. That could be your reality when you look through our luxury ranches for sale. United Country Real Estate agents are experts at listening to our client’s unique needs when it comes to a luxury ranch for sale. List your must-haves, and we will present you with a ranchland property for sale that will impress.

Our Ranch Real Estate Agents Are the Difference

Aside from being one of the most trusted names in real estate, United Country has much more to offer to people interested in purchasing a ranch. We are men and women that live in small towns across the country, with intimate knowledge of rural, agricultural and recreational land. Our agents live ranch lifestyle and can pass along everything you need to make an informed decision about purchasing any type of ranch for sale in any location. We are one of the only real estate organizations that specialize in rural, farmland, and live water ranch properties for sale. We specifically can show you a wide variety of great ranches for sale from Montana to Texas and beyond. Don’t let just anyone sell you ranch land, trust the team that has 100 years of ranch expertise backing them.

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