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Since 1925, United Country has specialized in country homes for sale on large and small acreage. Our properties feature farmhouse style homes for sale, ranch homes, craftsman, historic homes, and luxury country estates for sale, cabins or any other type of home offering spacious living.

The Benefits of Living in a Country Home

Living in a country home with a lot of land can provide numerous benefits. Here are some common advantages of living on a property with ample land:

  1. Privacy and space: Owning a large property offers a sense of privacy and seclusion from neighbors and the outside world. You have more space between your home and neighboring properties, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment.
  2. Outdoor activities: One of the main advantages of having a large property is the availability of ample space for various outdoor activities. You can engage in activities like gardening, landscaping, farming, or even recreational activities like horseback riding, hiking, hunting or hosting outdoor events. There's also room for playgrounds, pools, or other amenities for your personal enjoyment.
  3. Wildlife and nature: A substantial piece of land often attracts a diverse range of wildlife, from birds and butterflies to larger animals like deer or rabbits. Living in a country setting allows you to connect with nature and appreciate the beauty of the natural world.
  4. Flexibility and customization: A larger property provides more opportunities for customization. You have the freedom to build additional structures like guesthouses, workshops, or barns. It offers room for expansion or modifications to your home without the constraints of limited space. There are usually less property restrictions in the county as well, so you won’t have as many restrictions around additional buildings or storing an RV or boat.
  5. Potential for self-sufficiency: With enough land, you can explore self-sufficiency options such as growing your own food, raising livestock, or creating a sustainable lifestyle. Having space for vegetable gardens, fruit orchards, or small-scale farming can provide you with fresh produce and contribute to a more sustainable way of living.
  6. Tranquility and stress relief: Living in a home surrounded by a lot of land can offer a tranquil and serene environment. Being closer to nature has proven psychological benefits, including stress reduction, improved mood, and overall well-being. It provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of urban areas.
  7. Investment and future potential: Properties with larger land included tend to appreciate in value over time. Owning land offers potential for future development or can be seen as a long-term investment.

Types of Country Homes for Sale

To help you decide which type of country home you are looking to buy, here is a breakdown of some of the various types, each with their own unique style and characteristics:

  1. Farmhouses for Sale: Farmhouses are one of the most iconic country home styles in America. On the exterior they typically feature a rectangular or square shape, large front porch or wrap around porch, and a practical design suited for rural life. Farmhouses are prevalent throughout rural areas in the Midwest, South, and Northeast regions.
  2. Cape Cod Homes for Sale: Cape Cod-style homes originated in New England and have become popular country homes across the United States. They have a symmetrical design with a steep, sloping roof, central chimney, and often feature clapboard siding. Cape Cod homes can be found in many rural and suburban areas throughout the country.
  3. Victorian Homes for Sale: Victorian-style homes are known for their ornate details and grandeur. They feature intricate woodwork, decorative trim, multiple stories, and steep rooflines. Victorian country homes can be found in various regions across the United States, particularly in older neighborhoods and historic districts.
  4. Log Cabins for Sale: Log cabins have a rustic charm and are often associated with country living. These homes are built with horizontal logs and have a cozy, warm interior. While log cabins can be found throughout the country, they are more prevalent in wooded areas and mountainous regions, such as the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains.
  5. Craftsman Homes for Sale: Craftsman-style homes are characterized by their handcrafted details, low-pitched roofs, and wide front porches. They often feature exposed beams, natural materials, and a focus on simplicity and functionality. Craftsman country homes can be found in various regions, with concentrations in the Pacific Northwest and California.
  6. Southern Plantations for Sale: Southern Plantation-style homes are inspired by the grand estates of the antebellum era in the American South. They are typically characterized by large columns, expansive porches, and symmetrical designs. Southern Plantation homes are more prevalent in the
  7. Ranch Homes for Sale: Ranch-style homes, also known as ramblers, are single-story houses with a low-profile design. They often have an open floor plan and are well-suited for country living. Ranch homes can be found in many rural areas across the country, particularly in the western states.
  8. These are just a few examples of country home styles found throughout the nation. It's important to note that architectural styles can vary from region to region, and you may also find a blend of different styles in certain areas.

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