Recreational Land For Sale: Fishing, Hunting and Camping in TX 0+1

United Country offers an expansive and varied selection of recreational properties. Weather you’re looking for waterfront property with ideal fishing and boating to expansive trophy hunting grounds, campsites with RV hookups or ATV trails, each property is uniquely suited to a variety of recreational activities.

No matter which of the many possible uses of recreational land you decide on, there are plenty of options for you to choose from here.

Our Distinctive Edge in Recreational Properties

With a century’s worth of knowledge from experience and wide network of connections, our experts excel in providing recreational homes and properties for sale. Since COVID-19, more Americans have found themselves drawn to more rural areas and satisfying the call to the wild –our team ensures a smooth and comprehensive buying experience.

Unique Aspects of Owning Recreational Properties

Owning a recreational property comes with specific considerations, from land management to optimizing the space for your preferred activities. The real estate professionals at United Country are equipped with the necessary resources and insights to guide you in maximizing the potential of your property while aligning with your lifestyle needs.

Types of Recreational Properties

Let’s explore various options for those seeking excitement, leisure or investment opportunities in recreational properties.

Hunting Lands

These vast properties area ideal for hunting and outdoor activities, rich in wildlife such as Whitetail deer. Often located in forested, secluded and rural regions, they offer a private escape for hunters, anglers and nature lovers.

Waterfront Homes and Fishing Camps

Ideal for enthusiasts of water sports, fishing and boating, waterfront properties often feature amenities like private docks and beaches. These properties are particularly popular in areas with lakes, rivers and ocean access, presenting dazzling views and countless water activities.

Mountain Properties

Avid skiers, hikers and nature enthusiasts will find paradise with a recreational mountain retreat. With stunning landscapes, this uncommon lifestyle provides seasonal or year-round pursuits, depending on the activity. They offer a serene escape and are often situated in regions known for their natural beauty and outdoor sports.

Horse Properties

Catering to horse lovers, these estates and farms typically include stables, training facilities and acres of pasture. Located in both rural and suburban areas, they provide ample space for riding and caring for horses.

Golf Course Properties

Situated within or adjacent to golf courses, these properties offer direct access to golfing facilities and club amenities. They are especially attractive to retirees and golf aficionados, combining luxury living with the convenience of the sport.


Popular Regions for Recreational Properties

Rocky Mountain Region

The Rocky Mountains are a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering rugged terrain perfect for skiing, hiking and nature retreats. The stunning mountains and lush forests provide an ideal backdrop for cabins, log homes, ski properties and other adventure-based properties.

Great Lakes Region

This region is famed for its serene waterfront homes and properties along the vast freshwater lakes. Look into this area if fishing, boating and peaceful family retreats by the water sound like heaven to you. This real estate offers both serene living and water-based recreation.

Gulf Coast

Known for its warm climate and beautiful beaches, the Gulf Coast can provide an array of different lifestyle types while providing ocean activities and unmatched scenery. The area attracts those seeking sunny weather, vibrant coastal communities and ample fishing opportunities.


The Midwest offers a diverse range of recreational opportunities, especially for hunting and outdoor activities. Its vast rural landscape grants privacy and abundance of natural beauty, making it a top choice for those seeking seclusion and a connection with nature.


Assessing Your Recreational Property Needs

When embarking on the journey to find a recreational property, a thorough assessment of your needs and preferences in the crucial first step. Begin by identifying your recreational interests. Do you enjoy big game hunting, snowboarding or competitive horse training? Whether you’re drawn to peaceful fishing weekends, thrilling hunting adventures or leisurely golf sessions, your choice of property should align with the recreational activities that best suit your lifestyle.

Consider how often you will be using the property –will it be your permanent residence or a seasonal retreat? A property used for weekend getaways will have different requirements than extended stays. Also, ease of access from your primary residence to the property is an important factor.

The size of the property or home should fit your intended use –a family retreat will require more bedrooms and bathrooms than a solo fishing cabin. If you’re pursuing a ski property, you might look for closer mountain access rather than a large acreage like you would for horse care or hunting. Additionally, the functionality of the property is another important factor to consider. Ask yourself it has all the amenities and facilities necessary to make the most out of your recreational pursuits.

Budget considerations go beyond the purchase price; factor in ongoing maintenance, property taxes, renovation costs and any supplementary costs needed to support your lifestyle. Lastly, determine how your needs might change over time and whether the property or residence can adapt to these changes. Is there potential for expansion or modifications? A thorough assessment helps ensure that your recreational property is not just a purchase but a long-term and rewarding investment.


Finding the Perfect Recreational Property

Finding the perfect recreational property involved a mix of strategic planning and personal intuition. Engage with seasoned real estate agents who specialized in recreational properties to leverage their expertise. Their knowledge of market trends, local regulations and available listings is invaluable in navigating the complexities of the recreational property market. Utilize online resources, including listings and market analyses, to understand current trends and options available.

Spending time visiting potential properties allows you to experience the area firsthand and assess factors like the community, surrounding areas and the actual size and condition of the land. Work with financial experts to understand the intricacies of your purchase, including mortgage options, recreational land loans and any tax benefits or liabilities.

Examine the property’s potential for appreciation by exploring the history of real estate sales in the area to gauge its long-term value. Ultimately, the property should fit your lifestyle and become a relaxing or invigorating that resonates with your and your family’s needs. The right property is one that not only meets your current needs but also accommodate future plans and aspirations. 

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