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United Country offers a range of equine properties across the nation, from Texas to Oregon, Florida to Missouri and everywhere in between. With the guidance of trusted agents and brokers who are experts in horsemanship and equestrian properties, finding the perfect horse property, be it a horse farm, equestrian estate, or horse ranch can now be well-crafted to your needs. 

Purchasing your horse property can seem like a daunting experience without proper expertise and considerations by those who live the lifestyle they sell. The right valuation and mortgage considerations, combined with effective and innovative marketing strategies, can lead both sellers and buyers to success. To embark on your journey towards the ideal horse property, explore popular searches on our website and consult with our experts.


Evaluating, Maintaining & Managing Horse Properties: An Essential Guide

Horse properties are the crown jewels in the real estate world, often boasting a sprawling acreage and luxury homes with numerous bedrooms, bathrooms, and even fireplaces. Located across various counties and states, they bring the best of country living and horsemanship together. From equestrian facilities to sprawling horse ranches, understanding how to evaluate, manage, and maintain these estates is essential for both sellers and buyers in the realty market.

Evaluating Horse Properties

Location Area & Accessibility

The real estate mantra. “location, location, location,” applies here. Ensure your prospective property is accessible via main roads, and its proximity to equestrian events, vets, and feed suppliers is favorable.

Land & Pasture Quality

Quality grazing is essential for livestock. So, when you search listings, focus on the soil type and its drainage capabilities. For those seeking further insurance of the value of your land, a soil test can offer more insight.

Facility Infrastructure

Equestrian facilities range from basic stall barns to intricate equestrian centers. Assess the quality and condition of barns, tack rooms, and riding arenas –both indoor and outdoor.

Safety First

Check fences, stables, and riding arenas. Proper lighting, secure gates, and safe road access are pivotal for the well-being of horses and riders alike.

Managing Your Equestrian Estate

Pasture Rotation

Avoid overgrazing which can lead to soil erosion. Implementing rotation ensures grass rejuvenation.

Water & Feed Management

Clean water is paramount. Regularly maintain water troughs and check your horse’s food storage areas.

Manure Management

A plan, whether that’s composting or collaborating with local farmers, keeps the air quality and pastures pristine.

Regular Check-ups

Consistent inspections of farm buildings, including barns and fences, ensure longevity and safety.

Maintaining Your Horse Property

Fencing & Roads

Regular repairs of fences and on-property roads is not just about safety but also about the property’s aesthetic appeal.

Arena Upkeep

Whether you have a simple tack room or a grand equestrian center, maintaining arenas, especially indoor ones, is crucial for both horse and rider.

Landscape & Views

Regular mowing, tree trimming, and garden upkeep enhance the property’s visual charm, increasing its appeal to potential buyers.

Post Control & Facility Maintenance

Ensure the health of your horses and increase the luxury appeal of your estate with top-notch pest control and facility care.

Professional Realtors & Brokers

When considering a sale or seeking advice on property valuation and mortgage details, turning to professionals ensures you get the best insights and marketing strategies.

Managing equine properties, whether it’s a horse farm or a grand equestrian estate, require dedication, understanding of horsemanship, and smart realty decisions. Following this guide ensures your property remains not only functional but also holds its market price if you decide to list it for sale.



Equestrian Properties: A Comprehensive Guide to Horse Real Estate

The world of horse properties is vast and varied, catering to every need and preference of both horse and rider. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, understanding the different types of horse properties available can guide you in your search today for the perfect real estate. Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating the diverse landscape of horse and equestrian properties.

Horse Farms: A Blend of Functionality and Beauty

Horse farms, often found in picturesque parts of the countryside, come with fertile land suitable for livestock grazing. These properties typically have a main house, complete with multiple bedrooms and baths, a cozy fireplace, as well as farm buildings, such as a horse barn with multiple stalls and an indoor or outdoor arena for training. Included details like fenced acres and a tack room make a horse farm a highly sought after choice for horse owners.

Equestrian Estate: The Epitome of Luxury

Equestrian estates are where luxurious living meets horsemanship. These properties boast extravagant homes, adorned with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, and often feature multiple residences. Equestrian estates come with state-of-the-art equestrian facilities, indoor arenas, and stables equipped to house a significant number of horses in comfort and style.

Horse Ranch: The True Rider’s Retreat

A horse ranch offers ample room for both horse and rider to roam. Situated in locations such as California, Colorado, or North Carolina, these properties typically sprawl across several acres and including riding trails, large barns, and outdoor arenas. The ranch-style house presents a charming home base while the land allows for endless pursuits for recreation and relaxation.

Equestrian Centers: Hub of Activity and Learning

An equestrian center is a hub for all things related to horsemanship. It’s a place where riders, trainers, and horses come together. The centers usually feature large indoor and outdoor arenas, multiple stall barns, tack rooms, and sometimes even classrooms for teaching equestrian arts. States like New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania have seen the growth of equestrian centers, focusing on various aspects of riding and horse care while extending the love of the animal to the next generation.

Custom Equine Properties: Tailored to Your Needs

The market for equine properties is broad, and listings can include customized facilities built to cater to specific horse-related activities. These could range from polo fields to endurance racing facilities, each meticulously designed with the needs of the horse and owner in mind.

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