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Explore United Country Real Estate’s private inventory of exclusive golf properties and golf homes. These unique homes provide more than easy access to your favorite sport; they often boast community, active lifestyles, and homes with open living spaces and fine amenities.

Find the property you’re searching for based on property type, location, price, acreage and the number of bedrooms or bathrooms desired. United Country specializes in golf and lifestyle properties and has dedicated resources and golf property specialists to assist you with buying or selling golf homes and golf properties.

There is a lot you will need to know before buying a home in a golf community, so an informed approach is the best way to make the most out of your real estate experience. With all the unique aspects and intricacies of these luxury, recreational-based properties, make sure you have a golf property real estate expert in your corner to ensure your future residences meets all your needs and exceeds all expectations. Whether you’re seeking a North Carolina contemporary home within a gated community, a newly built residence in walking distance from a golf course or a luxurious villa in Central America with all the amenities one could dream, United Country has what you’re looking for. 


Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Property


Location is always the first step in locating your ideal real estate property. Find a home or estate that has close proximity to services essential to your lifestyle such as golf courses, schools, natural grocery stories and more. Are you looking for golf real estate in the city, suburbs or in a more secluded environment? Are there certain courses or course designers you wish to visit? Have these questions answered before you buy your property.


The community benefits when living on a golf property extend beyond easy access to your favorite pastime. Fine-dining restaurants, spas and courts for tennis, pickleball and basketball are frequent additions to these luxurious neighborhoods. Security is also a priority at these areas with security guards, gated entrances and cameras providing peace of mind to residents.


Memberships might be required for certain golf clubs or clubhouses. The cost will vary depending on the location, facilities and membership type, but these prices are always affordable and well worth the cost. Joining these clubs offers finer amenities and service priority, as well as tournament events and reduced green fees.


Golf course designs vary, so research which courses appeal the most to you before purchasing your golf home. The architecture of golf courses is a unique art form that is influenced by the dirt quality, drainage ability and other elements. The routing plan and the personality of the green drastically alter how golfers interact with the course, so it is recommended to try a round of the nearby golf course before purchasing a home or membership.


Types of Golf Homes & Golf Properties

Golf properties may seem like a pretty standard real estate type, but agents will tell you that they come in all shapes and sizes. Anyone who prioritizes a tranquility, fine amenities and owning a home in close proximity to the links, will find that these properties provide the lifestyle you desire. No matter if you’re a golf pro, recent retiree or a casual putter, golf real estate consists of a wide variety of benefits and property types.

Golf Course Homes

Homes situated directly on, across or adjacent to golf courses are considered golf course homes. These residences are meticulously designed and placed to avoid conflicts like cart jams or stray balls ruining your exteriors. Links magazine describes this landscape protection as “the ultimate balancing act when crafting an interesting community design is shielding the golfer from the visual impact of adjoining homes while maximizing the course views for the homeowner.” Typically, these homes are designed with open concept layouts, large windows inviting natural light and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Golf Communities

Golf communities are a group of houses that were built around one or several golf courses. Putting recreational pursuits are the forefront, these communities often also feature basketball courts, tennis courts, community pools and more. Membership to these amenities is frequently included in the housing costs, and these dwellings range from apartments or single-family homes to custom-made estates.

Country Club Estates

Country club estates are upscale properties located within private country clubs that offer golfing amenities. Extensive security, stunning landscaping, exclusive dining options and access to one-of-a-kind courses are just a few of the luxuries included when living at one of these estates. Country club residences are the ideal property type for those who seek a private and serene living environment with access to world-class golf facilities and social events.

Resort-Style Golf Properties

Golf properties are often found in resort locations, such as sunny Florida, Panama, Costa Rica and other tropical locations. Found within or near luxury resorts, these properties can be vacation homes or year-round residences and can vary from homes with private courses boasting coastal views to properties adjacent to mega golf complexes in south Florida. Whichever type best suits your optimal lifestyle, you can rest assured your residence will be equipped with spas, upscale restaurants and an array of golf courses.


Benefits of Owning a Golf Property

Property Value

Golf properties have higher property value than standard residential homes. According to a study done by the National Recreation and Parks Association, lots with golf course frontage had a roughly 15% - 30% higher value than the 8% - 10% properties with park frontage. This gives a huge advantage when it comes to selling your home.

Natural Surroundings

Living on a golf property means your home is surrounded by well-manicured green spaces and beautiful landscaping. Enjoy the natural surroundings and peaceful atmospheres that come with these homes. The lush greenery that comes with the courses and wide-open spaces not only enhance the beauty and resell value of your property, but they also contribute to a healthier and more active lifestyle by encouraging outdoor recreation and relaxation.

Spacious & Inviting Interiors

Golf properties are known for their spacious and inviting interiors as these residences are typically new-builds with contemporary design and open concept layouts. These homes are designed to optimize space and enhance the flow of natural light, so every corner of your home feels expansive and welcoming.

Enhanced Kitchen

Kitchens in golf homes or golf properties are often well-designed and feature high-end appliances. A large island, walk-in pantry and custom cabinets made from first-rate wood sources are frequent features of these contemporary residences. Made with entertaining in mind, the kitchens in these luxury homes provide ample counter space and seating, as well as containing elegant finishes like breakfast nooks, bars and more.

Wellness Spaces

Golfers prioritize recreational and wellness in their lives, so it is no surprise these spaces are often found in these homes. Experience greater living with exercise rooms featuring ellipticals, dumbbells and treadmills or yoga studios with windows that let in the natural light.


Homeowner Association (HOA) is an organization frequently formed by caring residents of a specific neighborhoods, community or complex. With an elected board of directors, the HOA’s mission is to maintain a beautiful and harmonious living experience for all residents while enforcing restrictions if necessary.

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