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Since 1925, United Country has specialized in helping people find log homes and cabins across the nation. If you are looking for the warmth and luxury a solid log home offers or the experience of everyday scenic views set in a beautiful setting, log homes and cabins offer a way to own this natural lifestyle.

With a century-long legacy backed by log home and cabin property experts, United Country can help you own the lifestyle you’re looking for. Whether it’s a log home in Virginia’s lush landscapes, a cabin tucked away in the Colorado mountains or anything in between, check out the extensive list of log home and cabin properties that can be found here.


Types of Log Home & Cabin Properties

In the world of realty, cabins and log homes offer a unique blend of rustic charm and timeless elegance. These residences often have a rich history, one-of-a-kind amenities, and a perfect balance between the spirit of the country and modern comforts. Journey with us through a diverse collection of these architectural masterpieces, each telling a story.


Traditional Log Homes

Made from whole logs, these residences have been a staple in the real estate realm for centuries. The logs used in these structures undergo a drying process to reduce their moisture content, lowering chances of mold or rot and ensuring a long-lasting home. Manufacturers offer customizable models with the ability to tailor features to best fit your lifestyle.


Mountain Cabins

These log homes are amongst the mountains and hills, featuring breathtaking and panoramic views from your property accompanied with the tranquility and privacy of rural living. Being closer to nature, one can enjoy the crisp mountain air and limitless possibilities that come with owning mountain land.


Waterfront Log Homes

Positioned in view of serene lakes, cascading rivers, and even oceans, waterfront log homes offer a unique experience. Picture waking up everyday to the gentle sound of waves or enjoying sunsets reflecting on the water’s surface. Each property grants distinctive experiences, allowing unique indulgences and opportunities.


Modular Log Cabins

A modern twist on the traditional, modular log cabin homes are preconstructed in sections (or modules) and then transported to your property. These models promise efficiency without compromising on the authentic feel of a log home. The Amish log cabins and Zook Cabins, for instance, merge craftsmanship and convenience.

Modern Cabin Home

Not all log structures are rustic retreats. Many log homes incorporate contemporary design elements, giving the best of both worlds. With open floor plans, modern amenities, and the beauty of nature in the home, these residences are the epitome of luxury and comfort.


When owning a log home or cabin, it is crucial to understand the peculiarities with building these nature-made dwellings. From selecting the wood type to understanding the moisture content and it’s impact on the home’s longevity, there are many factors to consider when purchasing and maintaining your home.


To ensure your unique home remains a safe haven and a cherished space for years to come, be sure you have the right team in your corner. United Country Real Estate is houses many log home and cabin real estate experts, as well as real estate professionals who live the lifestyle they sell.



Benefits of Owning a Log Home & Cabin


Timeless Beauty & Rich Aesthetics

The natural grain and texture of logs, combined with their sturdy appearance, immediately evoke a sense of warmth with their rustic charms. The organic flow of the wood grains, the aroma of the timber, and the overall aesthetic make log homes and cabins a favorite among homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Energy Efficiency

Log homes and cabins have a natural insulation advantage. The thermal mass of the logs can regular indoor temperatures, keeping the home warmer during the winter months and cooler during the summer months. With proper design and construction, a log home can be significantly more energy-efficient than traditional brick or frame houses.


As a renewable resources, wood stands as an eco-friendly building material. When sourced responsibly, the construction of log homes has a much smaller carbon footprint compared to other construction methods. With the current push towards more sustainable forestry methods, owning a log home aligns with eco-conscious values.

Economic Benefits

While the initial investment can be higher than traditional houses, the long-term benefits, from reduced energy bills to lesser maintenance costs, can make log homes a smart financial decision. Due to their unique charm and appeal, log homes often have a higher resale value compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Longevity & Durability

Take the time to learn about proper maintenance, as log homes can stand for centuries! They’re designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ranging from heavy snowfall to powerful wind gusts, as their solid construction offers resistance to natural elements.


One of the appeals of log homes is the versatility they offer in design. Whether you’re looking for a compact cabin or a sprawling log-made lodge, there’s tremendous scope for personalization. From open-floor plans to lofted spaces, and from large windows capturing scenic views to intricately carved wood finishings, the design possibilities are endless.

Natural Acoustics

The structure of log homes provides a natural sound barrier. Whether it’s the pitter-patter of rain, the chirping of birds, or just the gentle rustling of the wind through the leaves, the acoustics in a log home amplify the sounds of nature, creating a soothing ambiance.

Health Benefits

Timber, being a natural material, doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as some modern building types can. Combined with the ability to wood to moderate humidity, living in a log home can lead to better indoor air quality. For those with respiratory conditions or allergies, this can be particularly beneficial.

Connection with Nature

Perhaps one of the most intangible yet profound benefits of owning a log home or cabin is the deeper connection with nature. Cabins perched on wooded mountains, near the ocean, or lodges on expansive acreages, all provide an escape from the hustle of city life.

Sense of Heritage

Log homes and cabins often evoke feelings of nostalgia, reminiscent or a simpler time. They offer a tangible link to the pioneering spirit of yesteryear, making them more than houses but homes with stories and character.


Owning a log home or cabin is much more than just a housing decision; it’s a lifestyle choice. It speaks of a commitment to sustainability, a love for nature, and an appreciation for timeless architecture. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat or a family home filled with charm and warmth, a log home offers unmatched benefits and allure. 

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